The token is a blank canvas and after 3 hours the top holder inherits the token, the token is then given a stylized name and logo and run by the community. Top 10 holders may choose to assume roles in a advisory board.

This is an experiment in completely decentralized meme coin finance.

Please DYOR and proceed only once you’ve understood the structure of the project:

The project upon inception has no dev.There is no official dev team behind the project.

The token LP is 100% burnt. Nobody owns the LP.

The deployer and his team were not airdropped any tokens. The entirety of the token supply was sent to the now burnt LP.

The token deployer has left behind a $2400 marketing fund to be used in future marketing for the token.

The token has no official name or no set art. It is a blank canvas.

After 3 hours of deployment, the top holder of the token is elected as the dev. If the top holder wishes to relinquish their claim as dev, he must select a holder from the Top 10 holders to take his place. Friends or associates are permitted to pool their tokens into a collective wallet if they wish to do so.

The only stipulation for a transfer of power is that the token market cap must be above 100k at the time the transition is initiated.

The new dev must poll the community and pick an official name and art for the token no later than 24 hours after being elected as dev.

The deployer of the token will then change and finalize (make immutable so it can no longer be changed) the token metadata - giving the token its name and art based on what the community chose as the token name and art.

The token deployer hands over the following to the new dev:

a. The private key for the deployer wallet that also holds the marketing funds worth $2400.

b. Twitter account

c. Telegram portal and telegram group ownership for the token.

A new website is created by the deployer and is handed over to the community.

The token is now completely decentralized, and the first token on Solana with no hidden owners or secret agendas.

It is purely community owned and driven with Mint, Freeze Revoked and LP Burnt forever.